Gabriel is a gem cutter and jewelry artist specializing in Ethiopian Opals. He travels to Ethiopia to hand select the highest quality rough opals directly from the mines and then in his downtown Los Angeles studio he cuts or hand carves the opals and designs one of a kind settings for them. Gabriel has established a dedicated following and longtime collectors worldwide for his carved opals and jewelry.

“What I set out to create when designing a new piece of jewelry is a piece that is inspiring and timeless. I find that Opals are the perfect stones to help me create jewelry art that has the elements of wonder, inspiration and can captivate us.”
– Gabriel

Gabriel exhibits his work at Fine Art and Jewelry Shows across California, including The Contemporary Crafts Market in Pasadena, the American Opal Society Gem & Jewelry Show, Studio City Art Show, and the Beverly Hills Art Show where he received an award at the Spring 2017 show.

His Downtown Los Angeles Studio is open for custom orders. Please contact to schedule a visit.
Hill St. & 7th, Jewelry District, Downtown Los Angeles

(323) 516-9442

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